The Walk To the Cross

By DiAnn Mills @DiAnnMills

Holy Week commemorates Jesus’ walk to the cross. Although a handful of His followers were with Him, none knew what was ahead. They professed to love Jesus and even die with him. But when their lives were threatened, many abandoned Him. I’ve often wondered if I’d have had the courage to stay during His trial, flogging, and crucifixion.  

Jesus always knew His future meant a loss of friends, a lonely trial, painful torture, death, and a glorious resurrection. To Jesus, the suffering was worth opening heaven’s gates to all who believe in Him.

The cross symbolizes our faith, and Jesus is the cornerstone. The events leading up to Holy Week confirmed God’s promises since Abraham.

Friends, take time this week to read and pray God’s Word. I encourage you to meditate on Luke 22-24. May we invite the vision of eternal life and unconditional love to reign in our hearts.

Theodore L. Cuyler: “A happy and a glorious Easter will this one be to all of us who get a new vision of the risen Christ, and prostrate ourselves in humble adoration at His feet, and cry out: “Rabboni!  Robboni!”  Then shall we set our hearts, lifted into a new atmosphere, on things above, and reach an actual higher life.  We shall know more of what it is to live by Christ, in Christ, for Christ, and with Christ, till we reach the marvelous light around the throne in glory.”

What is the condition of our hearts in this Holy Week? How much are we willing to sacrifice to embrace the same truth?




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