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DiAnn’s topics range from writing related to encouragement in our day-to-day lives. Reference list below. She is affiliated with the following organization:


Each time I hear DiAnn Mills speak, I learn something! DiAnn will delight your audience as she shares her wisdom. She is smart, passionate, creative, and winsome. I highly recommend choosing DiAnn as your next speaker.

Karen Porter, Coach. Entrepreneur, Owner of Bold Vision Books and author of If You Give a Girl a Giant

DiAnn Mills is the classiest person I know. Pairing class with depth? Brilliant! DiAnn brings every kind of WOW!

Rhonda Rhea – Speaker, Author, TV personality for Christian Television Network

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The Writing Life – Explore the writing life: the good, the fun, the hilarious, and the sobering adventures of writing and publishing in today’s world.

Writing Research Isn’t for the Fainthearted – Researching a novel is hard work. Creating an impactful story means digging deep to write authentically with proven facts, interviews, and walking where our characters trod.

Writing in the 21st Century – We writers never fully understand how some are blessed with publication and others struggle to have their work read by agents and editors. Some of the issues are quality of writing, professionalism, marketability, writer platforms, and the country’s economy. But a writer who is optimistic understands persistence is his or her best partner for Writing in the 21st Century.

Does Our Writing Reflect Our Faith? – As Christians purposed to write, we’re excited to have others read our work. Our nonfiction, fiction, blog posts, articles, poetry, screenplays, and devotions thrill us with fiery enthusiasm for our special gift of communicating through the written word. Knowledge of the craft doesn’t feed anyone until the writer plants the seed.

Who’s the Boss? – The best way I can help you understand this wild, sweet gift of writing is to point out how we walk the same road as David in the Bible. Discovery is the key here. The discovery of who the Boss is.

The Art of Mentoring – To be blessed, one must be a blessing to others. A writing mentor gives freely without thought of reward, recognition, or even letting others know of the work. The process builds character for both persons, and that’s not a bad swap.

Developing Powerful Emotions – Novels are stories about characters with emotions in conflict.

Characterization:  The Key to Great Novel Writing – Every story has a launching point that triggers an explosion onto the page and spins the novel into breathless action.

Creating a Powerful Book Launch – A writer’s goal is to place well-written books into the hands and hearts of readers.

7 Traits Every Writer Needs for Leadership – Christian writers in leadership have a responsibility to those who look up to us for guidance and wisdom. The distinction requires a unique skill set. For leaders to help others, we must show other writers how to sharpen their publishing tools by modeling the same practices we want them to embrace.

Betrayal:  An Antagonist’s Sharpest Tool – Betrayal is a powerful technique that has its roots in the backstory, allowing the writer to lay the foundation for credible behavior in the present.

The Lies our Characters Believe – Sometimes the problem with our characters is not what we believe about them, but what they believe about themselves.

The Antagonistic Setting – Too often writers ignore setting or give it a minor role—instead of exploring the power of where a scene takes place.

Mastering Plot – “Plotting is not a science, but it’s the surprises that make writing both frustrating and rewarding.” James Hynes


Seriously? Is there Hope for me? – In a world that fails to define who we are in God’s eyes, we have hope in Jesus. We embrace our identity in Him and find we are beautiful women of God with purposeful personalities, encouraged by positive affirmations, and armed with the courage to show our rock is Jesus.

Leaving a Spiritual Legacy – This topic shows the listener how to leave a spiritual legacy. We all want to leave our loved ones scriptural insight on how we overcame our challenges and gave God the glory. This talk gives practical tips to ensure our faith is shared with others.

Expect an Adventure with God – Walking with God Today. Expect an Adventure with God. Sound like wild and crazy fun with unimaginable blessings until we realize the journey is often paved with trials and challenges. We claim that being more like Jesus is worth the sweat and tears when all we really want is to have God lace up our hiking boots and make sure we’re hydrated with showers of blessings.

The Gift of Character – Who is the Godly Woman? It’s been said that character is who we are when no one’s looking. This world desperately needs spirit-filled women who accept the challenge of boldly following Christ. These are women who have walked through trials and tragic circumstances and survived to help others.

Social Media for the Professional Woman – Social media is the number one method of communicating messages, whether conducting meetings, sharing stats and data, news, or exchanging photos with family and friends. The separation of personal and professional communication has merged together to keep up with the latest news and trends. The world is mobile, and that means knowledge is accessed online and on mobile devices, and it doesn’t matter the language or culture because everyone with a mobile device can be reached. Social media is not a place to sell – but a means to connect with others and build relationships.