Lethal Standoff

DiAnn Mills

Lethal Standoff
Genre: Contemporary
Publisher: Tyndale
Publication Year: 2024
ASIN: 1496485106
ISBN: 9781496485106

Justice can be elusive.

Family secrets can be deadly.

The stakes are high, and the clock is ticking in a volatile criminal case filled with unanswered questions. And Carrington Reed is running short on time to piece together clues that will solve the puzzle.


About the Book

Hostage negotiator Carrington Reed is called to the scene when reports come in that fifteen hostages are being held by the Kendrix brothers in an abandoned house in south Texas. When she arrives on site, Carrington quickly learns that the brothers are armed and refuse to release their victims, a group of undocumented immigrants, until the local police identify their father’s murderer.

Working closely with Levi Ehrlich, a handsome investigative reporter who has covered some of Carrington’s negotiations in the past, she finds herself being undeniably drawn to him. Carrington digs deeper into the death of the Kendrix brother’s father and begins to notice that some details surrounding his death aren’t adding up.

As Carrington investigates the brothers’ claims and tries to piece together their motive for taking innocent people captive, it soon becomes clear that they are trying to hide something and that revenge for their father’s death may not be what they’re really bargaining for after all. To protect the hostages and ensure the brothers don’t carry out the rest of their sinister plot, Carrington must get to the bottom of one family’s secret and the truth they’re trying so hard to hide before time runs out.

Award winning author, DiAnn Mills, delivers pulse pounding romantic suspense about secrets, betrayal, and finding a path to forgiveness.

Recommended for fans of the following:

  • Romantic Suspense
  • Christian Fiction
  • Clean Romance

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In Lethal Standoff, Diann Mills works magic—weaving suspense and intrigue into a heart-pounding hostage thriller. Hostage negotiator Carrington Reed is a hero with heart who refuses to quit even when it means risking her own life for strangers. Don't miss this high-stakes gambit set in south Texas that will keep you flipping pages to the very end.
– ANDREWS & WILSON, bestselling authors of Dark Intercept
Warning: do not start this book if you intend to put it down any time soon. This is a roller-coaster ride. A bullet-biter. A heart-thumper. This is DiAnn Mills at her best.
– EVA MARIE EVERSON, bestselling author and CEO of Word Weavers International
DiAnn Mills delivers another pulse-pounding thriller you’re going to love. LETHAL STANDOFF combines gripping tension with a captivating mystery, skillfully woven by DiAnn’s signature storytelling. She navigates the high-stakes world of hostage rescue, proving once again why she’s a master of the genre.
– JERRY B. JENKINS, author of the Left Behind series and The Chosen novels
LETHAL STANDOFF has everything I look for in a great novel! Alongside a heartwarming romance, the plot and themes of this page-turner are pulled from current events and offer a hopeful, triumphant message for readers. Highly recommended.
– DEBORAH RANEY, author of Breath of Heaven in the Camfield Legacy series
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