The ABCs of Summer

By DiAnn Mills @DiAnnMills

Summer is in full swing, and we are loving every sun-kissed day. Who can think about summer without swimming, picnics, fishing, and sunscreen? Describing these warm lazy days can leave us searching for how to fill our hours, but let’s give it a try.

A – Adventure
B – Baseball
C – Camping
D – Dance Barefoot in the Grass
E – Excitement
F – Film Your Own Movie
G – Garden
H – Hiking
I – Ice Cream
J – Journal
K – Kick-start a Hobby
L – Lemonade
M – Making Memories
N – Nature
O – Outside
P – Pool
Q – Quality Time
R – Read
S – Soak Up the Sun
T – Travel
U – Underwater
V – Vacation
W – Watermelon
X – X-citement
Y – Yes! I love summer!
Z – Zoo

I could think of a dozen words for some letters, but a few were hard.

How do you describe the summer? Are there substitutes you’d make for some of these letters?




DiAnn’s Library Corner

Library Tip: Does your library sparkle with the enthusiasm of summer? Are you providing activities for summer fun?

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