13 Ways We Can Make a Difference in Our Communities

By DiAnn Mills @DiAnnMills

Summer has us busy—sometimes too busy. In the middle of fun-filled exhaustion, we hear a speaker or read an article asking how we are making a difference in our community.

Ouch. We hadn’t thought about that. We’re busy planning and implementing a vacation which leaves us a bit stressed and needing a rest afterward. Work piles up in and outside the home. Kids and grandkids are home from school, and we’ve all heard the “I am bored” complaint. But there is a cure for that one. 🙂 Did I mention yard work? We love to spend time outside and soak up memories with family and friends.

Is it possible to contribute worthwhile projects to our community while in full throttle with summer?

Enlist your family for their input. If ideas run short, one of the following may hit your like-button.

  1. Look around at your neighborhood. Is there a shut-in who needs yard work? Can you spare a few minutes to chat, share a cold, refreshing beverage, read, teach computer skills, offer to change the oil on a vehicle, bring flowers …? The gift of serving others is priceless.
  2. Acquaint yourself with single moms and dads. Many are financially drained before summer. Add the cost of daycare or a sitter, and too often the choice is to leave the child at home unattended. Can you include that child/children in any of your activities?
  3. Visit a nursing home and spend an hour reading or chatting to those living there.
  4. Beautify a park and community area by gaining permission to remove trash and planting flowers for all to enjoy.
  5. Help kids construct a lemonade stand and offer the drink free or donate proceeds to a worthy cause.
  6. Encourage a summer sport: hiking, swimming, bike riding. Offer to coach!
  7. Give the gift of life: donate blood.
  8. Volunteer at a homeless shelter.
  9. Mentor or tutor a child.
  10. Bake cookies and deliver to first responders at your local fire or police station.
  11. Welcome new families to the neighborhood. Deliver a welcome basket with goodies and resources to help the family adjust.
  12. Organize a block party!
  13. Create a neighborhood vacation Bible school or offer to drive children to and from your church’s VBS.

The possibilities are endless, and ideas keep coming to me. What can you add to the list that would help make our communities a better place to live?




DiAnn’s Library Corner

Library Tip: The local library is a vibrant part of every community. Are there ways you can recommend to your patrons how they can get involved in the community?

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