10 Reasons Why I Love Houston in the Summer!

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Some of you are thinking about visiting or even relocating to Houston. The mild, year around temperatures are appealing but the summers have you a little hesitant. The 100+ degrees with humidity at the same percent may cause you to reschedule your plans. But I live here and I love Houston summers. Here are 10 reasons why my city is the best possible place to be in June, July, and August.


Houston Skyline – Note the Ferris Wheel!

1.  I despise the cold. I grew up in central Ohio where I froze solid in September and didn’t thaw until June. The community pools and beaches along Lake Erie were chilling. In the winter, snow and ice took over the countryside, which meant gloves, coats, hats, boots, shoveling, and 9 months of a perpetual runny nose and doctor visits.

2.  No coats, gloves, boots, hats, or sweaters.

White Alligator

Not my idea of a pet, but I understand the need to stay warm.

3.  Swimming! Nothing better than stepping into a pool that’s the same temp as bathtub water. Underwater adventures are much better viewed when the heat is on.

4.  Neighbors are outside in the summer. We laugh, barbecue, and have a great time.

5.  All the city and community events, celebrations, picnics, water parks, camping, hiking and whatever fun is available. Breathe in the temps and enjoy the season.


Summer celebration at Hermann Park






6.  Write outside on the patio, and when it gets too warm, simply turn on the overhead fan.

7.  Summer is a good excuse to make homemade ice cream.

8.  Summer ensures we have the grandkids for all day fun in the pool.

summer pool

9.  Did I mention swimming?


10. And it’s gloriously hot, warming my bones to the max.

Those are my reasons, and I forgot to mention the zoo. Who wants to enjoy the birds, animals, and reptiles when it’s cold? And if perspiration dominates the scene, simply step into the air conditioning.

So what about you? What are a few of the favorite things you love about your summer?

Tweetable – Latest From DiAnn’s Desk – 10 Reasons Why I Love Houston in the Summer via @DiAnnMills http://bit.ly/1DxPU0x #WritersLife (Click to Tweet)