The Power of a Minion

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The Power of a Minion

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Ever been a minion? Ever had one? Do you have any idea what I’m talking about?

A minion can be a devoted servant, a sort of yes-ma’am, or a type of person who believes you can do no wrong. They will do anything for you, love you, attempt to make your world perfect . . . any maybe make you crazy.

I’d never heard of the term until Universal Studios released Despicable Me, and I was introduced to the world of minions—yellow creatures, dressed in blue, and very difficult to understand.






Why do I bring up the subject of minions? Because they are adorable to watch on the screen and they make us laugh. And the creators have imaginations that I envy. Think about it.

Minions needed a physical look.



Can you talk to a minion?

They needed a language.

They needed their own world.

They needed a society, a way of life, customs, traditions, heritage, habits, and values.


A culture all their own.

They needed emotions.

They needed a purpose.

When I think about it, developing a minion is like building a story world that has no boundaries. Many fantasy and sci-fi writers do this quite well. Me? I work hard on making romantic suspense that’s realistic and unpredictable. Perhaps I do the same thing. My characters have a distinct look, believable emotions, an established purpose, they communicate, the setting of the story is their world, and the lives they lead show their culture.

The difference is my characters are stubborn, determined, and would resist saying yes to everything.

But I always hope readers love my characters as much as I do.

Please tell me you’ve seen these animated movies. The movie trailers are below to build your excitement.


View the trailer to Despicable Me:



Then Despicable Me 2 stole my heart.


Are you a minion or an animation movie fan? What do you like the best?

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