When You Don’t See Any Growth

By Katy Kauffman @DiAnnMills

This week’s blog is a guest post by Katy Kauffman

The poor little maple started as a “weed” in my front flower beds. Instead of casting aside the tiny bright green tree, I planted her in the backyard. Yes, it’s a she, since we named her “Scarlet,” hoping one day she would showcase gorgeous red leaves in the fall. If she survives. You see, I dug her up.

Her leaves turned brown after her transplant, even though I watered her, and her head drooped to the side even with ropes and stakes in place to keep her upright. Thinking she was almost a goner anyway, I pulled her up. To my surprise (and horror), her roots had doubled in size, from four inches to eight. I quickly planted her back in the ground, giving her some water and saying a little prayer.

Scarlet isn’t the only one whose growth happens beneath the surface first. We may have the tendency to become frustrated with our co-workers, friends, spouses, or children if we don’t see any visible growth. But what if the growth is happening where we can’t see—in their hearts or minds, in their dreams or aspirations? What we perceive as stagnant growth may really be their roots taking in nourishment and growing in stability or the core of who they are finding new strength. The same can be true of us.

I don’t know how many times I have to hear something in order to take it to heart. Sometimes, I immediately accept a call to action, and I grow in patience, kindness, or endurance. Other times, I need to hear a principle over and over before it sinks in and causes growth. Perhaps if we realized our own growth doesn’t always immediately show on the surface, we’ll have more grace toward others who are growing inwardly too. Inch by inch. Character quality by character quality. Deeper and deeper. Until the change on the inside blossoms on the outside.

So the next time you don’t see any apparent growth in the fellow “trees” around you, take heart. Give them time and room to blossom.

Katy Kauffman is an award-winning author, an editor of Refresh Bible Study Magazine, and a co-founder of Lighthouse Bible Studies. Her recent  book release, Heart Renovation: A Construction Guide to Godly Character, is a compilation that discusses the hidden problems of growing in character and how to overcome them. Katy loves spending time with family and friends, discovering new ways to delight others with art and crafts, and hunting for the best peanut butter cookies. Connect with her at http://lighthousebiblestudies.com and on Facebook and Twitter.

Thanks Katy! Friends, how are you growing?



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