Tyndale Fiction’s Road Trip Scavenger Hunt

By DiAnn Mills @DiAnnMills

Mark your calendar for Wednesday, August 1!

I’m excited to announce Tyndale Fiction’s Road Trip Scavenger Hunt! So happy you are here. To participate, collect the key words through all 13 stops in order, so you can enter to win our grand prize giveaway!

Some details:

  • The adventure begins on Wednesday, August 1. You’ll have two weeks to make your way through all the stops (giveaways will close on Tuesday, August 14).
  • While you do not have to start at Stop #1, keep in mind that the grand prize giveaway phrase will begin with the word you collect at that first stop.
  • To complete your submission for the grand prize giveaway, be sure to collect the key word within each author’s blog post, submitting the final, completed phrase in the form hosted on this page.
  • Also, be sure to enter additional giveaways these authors are hosting on their blogs!

Enjoy the journey—we hope you’ll discover new books along the way as you hear from Tyndale Fiction authors about road trips, the settings of their novels, and more!

Happy road tripping!



Congratulations to Joy from Arizona for being randomly selected as winner of the following soaps!
  1. Grammar Police – Smells like your annoying Ahahaha
  2. Geeks – Wifi scented
  3. Goals – Smells like perfect abs and a fabulous career

DiAnn’s Library Corner


Librarian Tip: Online newsletters are a vital part of your library. I encourage you to post Tyndale’s Fiction Scavenger Hunt for your patrons to join in the fun and perhaps win one of the many giveaways.


High Treason by DiAnn Mills