What Happened to Our Summer?

By DiAnn Mills @DiAnnMills

The calendar now says summer is coming to a close. Wasn’t it just spring? What happened to the summer of 2020?

Because of the pandemic and the guidelines set into place to protect all of us, our summer expectations probably didn’t happen. Instead, we acquired new skills and faced a new normal. I saw a meme that read: I’m spending my vacation in Puerto Backyarda.

Below I’ve listed the items that affected most of us.

    • Books: e-copies, print, and audio grew in importance.
    • COVID-19 inspired us to use our imagination for outings outside our homes.
    • DIY house projects kept Lowes and Home Depot in business.
    • Determined persons incorporated exercise into their daily schedule.
    • Many families grew closer to each other.
    • Many people learned to live on a budget.
    • Many people experienced spiritual growth and renewal
    • Some people acquired a new hobby.
    • Some people cleaned their homes – top to bottom.
    • Some people experienced weight gain.
    • Some people learned how to cook.
    • Some people committed to getting healthy.
    • Some people designed face masks to fit their personalities.
    • Some people exercised for the first time in their life.
    • Some people expanded their education and knowledge of the world.
    • Some people realized their vehicles had received less wear and tear.
    • Some people searched for games in their closets to fill in extra hours at home.
    • Some people binge-watched all the movies and TV programs they’d missed.
    • Some people worshiped online.
    • Staycations became the norm.
    Friends, are any of the above items such a bad thing?
    Well . . . OK, maybe not the weight gain one. LOL

    While the tragic situation in our world has resulted in numerous sick people, job loss, and even loss of life, we are survivors. Humans are stronger than we give credit. Throughout history, people are shaped by circumstances beyond their control.

    We are strong.
    We are resilient.
    We are willing to help others.
    We are willing to put aside our differences to find solutions.
    We are made in God’s image. He’s the master at turning bad situations into good.

    So what happened to you this summer that has resulted in good?