They Became Strong in Battle

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By Guest Blogger Debbie Wilson @DebbieWilson

DiAnn Mills’ romantic suspense books always weave high-stakes drama with characters you cheer for. Did you know Bible stories do too?

When I started writing on the men and women in Hebrews 11, I realized their stories were too rich to skim over in one book. As I considered the themes, Hebrews 11:34 (NLT) arrested my attention.

“Their weakness was turned to strength. They became strong in battle and put whole armies to flight.”

This verse intrigued me. While I enjoy reading books about other people’s battles (fiction and nonfiction), I haven’t welcomed personal battles as a way to grow strong.

Little Strength, Big God looks at those whose weakness was turned to strength in battle, beginning with Hebrews 11:23.

“It was by faith that Moses’ parents hid him for three months when he was born. They saw that God had given them an unusual child, and they were not afraid to disobey the king’s command” (Heb. 11:23 NLT).

What does it mean to not be afraid to disobey the king’s command to kill all the Hebrew baby boys? Does it mean they didn’t feel fear? Or could it mean they didn’t let fearful feelings rule their will? I have my thoughts. I’d like to hear yours.

I like The Quest Bible’s definition of meditation. “Meditation is a combination of reviewing, repeating, reflecting, thinking, analyzing, feeling, and even enjoying. It is a physical, intellectual, and emotional activity” (Zondervan, 1994, p. 839). Little Strength, Big God offers opportunities to review, reflect, feel, and enjoy these Bible characters and learn from their weaknesses and battles.

While these people were different from each other, they are also just like us. They had to face their weaknesses and their foes. Along the way, they experienced a big God. May their stories enrich you with practical guidance and inspiration for your battles.

Facing a Big Battle?

Little Strength, Big God is a Bible study that provides timeless truths to help you slay your giants. Like the faithful in Hebrews 11, you can become mighty in battle.

Loss and intimidation are not new to God’s people. What if you had to choose between―

– Drowning your baby or letting your worst enemy raise him?
– Bowing before an idol or being thrown into a fiery furnace?
– Compromising your convictions or being tossed to the lions?
– Living in fear or leading ill-equipped volunteers against an intimidating enemy?

The believers who faced these decisions felt their limitations. Yet they found strength in the Lord. You can too. Using the men and women highlighted in the last half of Hebrews 11, Little Strength, Big God will help you turn your weaknesses into strengths to accomplish God’s purpose in your life.

When trouble attacks, you don’t need a bigger God―you need clearer vision of the one true God. Discover the transforming power of a God greater than your Goliaths and live strong now.

Want to meet some of the characters in Little Strength, Big God? Have fun matching names with their descriptions in the Little Strength, Big God Matching Game.

Who is one of your favorite biblical heroes? Or who is one you’re surprised to see named for their faith in Hebrews 11?

Blessings, Debbie

Debbie W. Wilson is an award-winning author, Bible teacher, and former Christian counselor who speaks and writes to connect fellow sojourners to the heart of Christ. She and her husband lead Lighthouse Ministries, a non-profit Christian counseling and Bible teaching ministry. Connect with Debbie, find free resources, and learn about her books, including Little Strength, Big God, at

Thank you, Debbie!