Preserve Your Summer Memories

By DiAnn Mills @DiAnnMills

August is fading from the calendar. The weather here in Houston is hot and  humid.summer memories
Most schools in our area are in session.
The Summer Olympics are over for another four years. The US packed away the medals!
Retailers feature fall and winter clothing.
Deadly Encounter was a new book release.
Football fans are scheduling tailgate parties.

We ask ourselves, “What happened to summer?”

This summer offered amazing memories, and I don’t want to forget a single one of them. I’ve developed a system to keep this season, and all those to follow, in a special spot where I can return again and again.

Here’s my plan. It might prove helpful to you too.

Journal the moment

5879305105_050ee49666_bThis may sound old-fashioned, but so worth it. Some may value a hard cover journal. Others may prefer entering the information online. Others may value a hard cover journal. What makes this method amazing is recording what people say, reactions, and encouraging them to voice their thoughts. I prefer Evernote –  I used this method of journaling a trip to Greece with photos and notes. You can also include audio and it interfaces with several other apps.

Snap lots of photos

photographyWe can relive the smiles and laughter in colorful pics. Store photos in a special place. You may choose to keep an album online with dates, names, and notes about the event. For Mac users, iCloud Photo Library has an easy-to-use solution here. Don’t forget to back up these treasured pieces of history!
Others print photos and creatively insert them into a scrapbook. Note the three enemies of photographs: heat, light, and humidity. This website will help you preserve your pics:

Whatever method your choose to keep photos in excellent condition, organization and updating are a must.

Take Videos

pexels-photo-88476The popularity of short clips, to YouTube, and on to the Cinema convinced me of capturing events on the move. Store digital videos with detailed information similar to managing digital photos. Videos take up a lot of room on your devices. Download them into a file or store in a dropbox to take up a minimum amount of room.

Do you have videotapes that need updated? Check out: 3 Easy Ways to Modernize Your Old Videotapes

Don’t forget to back these up. Your photos are priceless, a vivid reminder of  evens and happenings too priceless to lose.

How do you preserve memories?

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