Adding Fun to Careers

By DiAnn Mills @DiAnnMills

Tyndale group

The Tyndale group gathered for coffee and a photo.

Last week, the American Christian Fiction Writers National Conference hit the Nashville, Tennessee scene. Catching up with old friends and making new ones is always a plus. The speaking and teaching took writers to a deeper level of understanding the craft and the God who gave who purposed us to write. Some of the presenters were: Donald Maass, Ted Dekker, Allen Arnold, Deborah Raney, James Rubart, Cara Putman, Hallee Bridgeman, Erin Healey, and so many more! The conference even allowed me to teach with Edie Melson.

My husband joined me so we could take a little time away. We work at home, and it has a ton of perks. But putting aside our careers and relaxing isn’t one of them. Spending time in Nashville added fun to our careers.

Genre night allowed writers to be one of their characters.

genre night 2

DiAnn, Lynette, and Loretta

genre 4

Darlene, Loretta, DiAnn, Hallee, Gregg





Grand Ole 4

Husband and I slipped off to the Grand Ole Opry.



The Awards Banquet honored excellent writers, agents, and editors for their outstanding contribution to the writing world.

Banquet 2

Donna, DiAnn, Alycia, and Edie


Kariss and DiAnn


Banquet 3

DiAnn, Donna, and Natalie






A latte love is nice too.


Until next year, we writers will continue to work hard so we can play again.


Be blessed!

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