How Heavy is a Glock and Other Cool Stuff?

By DiAnn Mills @DiAnnMills

In creating romantic suspense novels, research takes me into areas I never dreamed. My goal is to know my character and how that person walks through life. What if I were the character?superhero-534120_1920

Ever wonder how much extra weight a Glock adds to an FBI agent? I’m kind of a lightweight, so that thought has crossed my mind. I pictured myself as a special agent running after a bad guy, taking him down and being a hero. Imagine the drag of a weapon? What is the weight difference between a loaded and unloaded Glock? What about a Kevlar vest? Whoa, I’d need to be in shape to manage my equipment while doing the best job possible.

I posed those questions to an FBI special agent. My stories need credibility. I was intrigued with what I learned, and I wanted to pass it on to you!

Glock                   Unloaded                       Loaded
Model 22                1.4325 lbs.                  2.15125 lbs.
Model 23                1.3225 lbs.                  1.94125 lbs.
Model 27               1.234375 lbs.              1.6875 lbs.

I quickly realized a Model 27 ‘baby’ Glock would be for me.

On to my next question about the weight of a Kevlar vest, which I now see is called “body armor.”

bodyarmourWow … take a look at my findings. The weight of the body armor is based on “Areal Density of Pounds (lbs) per square foot.” Per the FBI, “Our current version of body armor has an areal density of 1.1 lbs/sq ft.  The conversion of total weight would be based on each individual agent’s body measurements.” In my opinion the lighter the special agent, the lighter the equipment.

Makes sense to me.

Here’s another cool fact. For the short agent, the Kevlar vest or body armor might need to be altered. That also means some of the special little pockets could be eliminated. Bummer. So I guess I’d have to slip my baby Glock into my back waistband.

Think about a female agent’s handbag. Gotta be leather to hold the weight and look good too. I visited lots of online shops for gun goddesses. So many choices and colors.

Now I’m ready to dive into my next FBI story. Got my gun, my body armor (shortened), and my purse. Oops, I forgot the training!

How about you?  Up for becoming a Special Agent?  Here’s where you can start:400px-US-FBI-ShadedSeal.svg

If not, what have you always dreamed to be or do?

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