What Does January 2018 Mean to You?

By DiAnn Mills @DiAnnMills

Here we are! January 2018! We’re probably in a happy-tired mode from all the festivities. We began with the Thanksgiving turkey and raced to New Year’s celebrations. Our bellies are full—maybe too full! Memories are sealed in our hearts that photos can never capture. The sights and sounds of the holidays are a part of our history, the events shaping and molding us into unique individuals. We’ve laughed, and maybe we’ve shed a tear. We’ve learned more about the world and hopefully ourselves.

My 2018 wish for you is to experience love.

The year 2017 was filled with victories and defeats, strengths and weaknesses, achievements and failures. Life is a journey, an opportunity to grow mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually into better people. We make mistakes and move on. We learn something of value and share it with others.

Perhaps you may want to look at goals for the New Year in a different light. The process begins in asking ourselves the following 10 questions:

  1. How do I discover God’s purpose for my life?
  2. How do I grow into a better person spiritually?
  3. How do I strive for stronger mental health?
  4. How do I achieve a healthier body?
  5. How do I discipline myself to make good choices?
  6. How do I view my work?
  7. How do I strengthen my relationship with others?
  8. How do I discern toxic relationships and habits?
  9. How do I choose to focus on constant improvement in my life?
  10. How do I serve my world as a productive member of society?

Perhaps you already know the answers to the above questions. If not, prayerfully explore each one to see where you might need improvement. Expect an Adventure with God.

My challenge for you and me is to begin now. How can we encourage each other?

DiAnn Mills

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Librarian Tip -Ask your patrons to share their goals and expectations for 2018. Display them for all to see.


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  1. Loretta Eidson

    As Gary Chapman said in his book “Love is a Verb.” Encouragement is love in action. It lifts spirits and gives people an extra boost to carry on. Everyone needs some form of love. For me, January is a time of regrouping and starting fresh, and a time to face new challenges with determination.

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  2. Frances Wilson

    Hi DiAnn
    Thanks for this special post which echoes my own heart. We have, and belong to a wonderful Lord. It was a year of losses, disappointments, and grief. 2018 means His grace and mercy are extended to me. I can get off the ash heap of failures, sorrow and grief. I want to discard the “lesser things”, those things which mar my relationship with Him. This ‘big’ new year also means I can love everyone with God’s strong love. Here is my heart’s cry to God:

    Lord I discard all “Lesser things”
    Give me a heart that always sings
    I now despise and shun all lies
    and from all that binds, I sever all ties

    Help me forget what is behind
    Let Your ways saturate my mind
    May Your Holy spirit contaminate
    And all trace of sin eradicate!

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  3. Karen Lindsay

    Wonderful post!
    Many things to think about – and my year is starting off right!

    2016 and 2017 were trials for my husband and me, our rent soared while health issues plagued us. We felt as though we were fighting a losing battle for most of that time.

    In a few days (just a bit into 2018) we’re moving from the DC area to the Atlanta area. We’re saving literally HUNDREDS of dollars a month on rent, keeping the features we need (I have MS, so there are restrictions), and I have a friend in the area who also has MS – so I have doctors in the area that I can depend upon.

    I already feel blessed, even though we’re stressed with packing and moving chores. However, knowing we’ll be better off in just a few days is helping us to keep a brighter outlook.

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  4. Judy

    Isn’t it sad we so often forget to encourage one another? What is encouragement but a form of love? And we are commanded to love one another. A poem comes to mind about “A gentle touch; a smile; kind words / by such small things / are lives changed”. So I will strive to leave kind words in my wake and not cling to offenses.

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