How Important are First Impressions?

By DiAnn Mills @DiAnnMills

We’ve all heard about the importance of first impressions. Last week, I was having a discussion with a writer friend about handshakehow so many times, those first impressions are lasting. What can we do when ours is tainted?

I’ve fallen prey to being judged by a first impression and regret those times. We can apologize, even justify, our behavior. But unfortunately that initial meeting can’t be undone.

How can we ensure those who meet us for the first time are met with a favorable perception? The truth is, we can only be ourselves, but we can do our best by looking presentable and showing a genuine desire for friendship.

The following five ways will help leave a favorable impression on those we meet not only for the first time but also every time afterward.

1.  Look your best. When your doorbell rings, who does the person on the other side see? When we take the time to dress as though each person we meet is special, that reflection becomes a part of who we are. Style your hair. Wear clean and repaired clothing. Add a bit of makeup—if you’re a woman.

2.  Practice personal hygiene. There’s no excuse for unwashed bodies, uncombed hair, or unbrushed teeth. Not only is it a must for a valuable first impression, we feel better about ourselves when we look and smell . . . clean.

counseling3.  Find your smile. Our lives can be beset with unhappy circumstances. Tragedies hit us from seemingly nowhere. When that happens, it’s difficult to face the world with a smile. But it’s critical to show others that we are pleased to meet them. Practice smiling in the mirror, even through our tears.

4.  Use positive speech. Have you ever been in a crowd where someone is angry, using inappropriate language, or simply making sure he/she is heard? I quickly become embarrassed for that person. When we are able to communicate with words and a positive tone that reflect professionalism and consideration for those around us, we’ll be remembered in a good way.

5.  Show graciousness. I often travel, and one thing that upsets me is a person who is rude to others. Hotel staff, restaurant workers, taxi drivers—everyone deserves our respect and appreciation for what they do. Even when we are treated unfairly, we don’t need to reciprocate with bad behavior.

“First impressions matter. Experts say we size up new people in somewhere between 30 seconds and two minutes.” Elliott Abrams

How do you feel about first impressions?

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