Fifteen Ways to Serve Others During the Pandemic

By DiAnn Mills @DiAnn Mills

During the past year of the COVID pandemic, serving others has required innovative thinking. The challenge to assist those affected by illness, loss of a job, mental stress, family dysfunction, abandonment, and other tragedies doesn’t mean the person needs to suffer alone. If you are one who longs to serve others, but the restraints of COVID have blocked your normal method of helping, the following tips may guide your next steps.

Before beginning, I encourage those wanting to serve to:

  • Pray what God would have you do.
  • Don’t risk your own health. Follow COVID guidelines.
  • List your skills, budget, travel, physical or mental limits, and time allotment to help others responsibly.
  • Explore who or what people groups can benefit from your service.
  • Determine if the service should be done in the company of others, as in an organization, or a solo project.

Look at the fifteen ideas below to see where you fit.

  1. Seek for charitable and community food drives. Many of these centers will provide a list of needs and will unload your trunk for you. Those serving don’t need to step from his/her vehicle.
  2. Offer to read via an online platform to shut-in children or adults. Seniors during this time are lonely and face depression.
  3. Help others who need exterior or interior home maintenance.
  4. Assist with free car-care clinics for those who aren’t able to perform the task or financially can’t afford the task.
  5. Use your vehicle as a free taxi service for those needing assistance. *Some restrictions or special licensing may be required.
  6. Enlist your children or grandchildren to create artwork in appreciation for first responders. These can be dropped off.
  7. Pay and have a meal delivered to those who are in need or overworked during this stressful time.
  8. Send letters, emails, and online greeting cards of encouragement.
  9. Teach an online class. This can be educational, fun, a craft, or a hobby.
  10. Give the gift of blood. Much needed during this time.
  11. If trained, be an online crisis counselor.
  12. Donate gift cards.
  13. Volunteer to pray, offer spiritual council, or lead a Bible Study.
  14. Mentor
  15. Determine to have a positive attitude to all you meet.

There are many more ways we can serve others during this critical time. Do you have suggestions to share?