Everyday Heroes

By DiAnn Mills @DiAnnMills

We encounter heroes daily; some refer to them as angels in disguise. These special people don’t wear capes or have extraordinary powers; neither do they wear T-shirts that announce their unique abilities. They are normal people who have the gift of awareness.

Everyday heroes are kind, considerate, and compassionate. When they encounter a problem, they roll up their sleeves and help find a solution. I treasure these people, and I strive to add their perception and intuitiveness to my character traits.

A few weeks ago, I encountered an unforgettable everyday hero, a true angel in disguise. I was scheduled to speak at a ladies’ event in another state. A checklist had prepared me with an early arrival, comfortable shoes, a memorized speech, smiles to make the ladies feel comfortable, and a dress that unpacked without a single wrinkle.

I forgot though to pre-request a wireless earpiece microphone that would allow me to move about freely and show expression when needed. No problem they said. But when the time came for the soundman to attach the battery/control box, I discovered my dress didn’t have a waist or heavy material to clip the unit. Oh dear, so I resigned to using a stationary mic. No big thing, and I continued to chat with arrivals and make new friends.

Fifteen minutes later, the soundman approached me. He’d developed, or instead constructed, a solution. He’d taken a one-inch-wide, black Velcro strip and made a belt. One lady fitted me, and the battery/control box for the microphone now had a secure home. It even matched my dress. Gratefulness flowed through me.

The evening went well, and I could move about the stage with my hands free to help communicate my keynote thanks to the ingenuity of my Everyday Hero. When the evening ended, I publicly thanked the soundman and asked the others to join me in showing my appreciation.

To all of you who easily detect problems and have amazing solutions, thank you! The rest of us admire and are blessed by your thoughtfulness.

Do you know of an Everyday Hero? How is that person distinctive?