Why Do I Need a Mission Statement?

By DiAnn Mills @DiAnnMills

A mission statement is an individual’s detailed explanation of their value or purpose in life. Every person on the planet has a mission or a calling, a reason for their existence. This means we all need to craft a written statement that motivates us on our God-given journey.

The statement is short: a phrase, one sentence, or a paragraph is sufficient. The key is conciseness, purpose, or the value provided to others by indicating what, how, and why we open our eyes each morning to embrace a fresh day. The statement keeps us moving ahead and on track, ushering in good mental, spiritual, physical, and emotional health.

It can sometimes be hard, at least for me, to keep track of the nuances of a mission statement vs. vision vs. goals vs. values. What I believe is our statement is not a vision or goal. It’s present. A vision statement is where we’d like to see ourselves in the future. The goal is a good thing, but not the definition of a mission statement.

Examine your mission statement regularly to see if updates or changes are needed. We often travel a road for a season. With a turn in our path, new opportunities pave the way for a new written accounting of where we’re going, why, and how. I caution you not to make your mission statement unrealistic. Is our purpose attainable? Impossible?

Guidelines to create a mission statement.
  1. Pray and study Scripture to see where God is leading you.
  2. List what you feel is your purpose or calling.
  3. List your hobbies and special interests. Are they part of your mission?
  4. Do the items in #2 and #3 line up with God’s purpose for you?
  5. Brainstorm with a trusted individual(s) who sees and knows your heart.

Sometimes our purpose doesn’t line up with our education. Be prepared for changes that include new skills. We’re never too old to learn. Ask Abraham, Sarah, and Moses about their late life calling. A change in career or a drastic move can enhance or invite a new adventure.

For those who are professionals, a mission statement helps others understand you from a unique perspective and should equate to personal values.

For example, my mission statement changed at age forty-two when I felt a distinct calling to write. With that in mind, my tagline is woven with my purpose: Expect An Adventure while pursuing quality writing filled with truth, inspiration, and encouragement.

Do you have a mission statement? Is now the time to develop or update yours?

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