Are You Ready for May – Get Caught Reading Month?

By DiAnn Mills @DiAnnMills

May is National Get Caught Reading Month, so I researched what the celebration means to readers young and old.

Here are four facts!
  1. The month of May is dedicated to reading.
  2. The Association of American Publishers sponsors the celebration.
  3. Many well-known people support the month-long celebration.
  4. Online websites offer hints to how we can support reading.

Although the emphasis on reading is designed to encourage students of all ages to explore the world of books, it’s a good reminder for adults. Education is a lifelong experience, a practice, and a habit.

Reading is so good for us!
  • Builds our vocabulary.
  • Encourages us to explore new worlds and cultures.
  • Fuels our minds.
  • It helps us fall asleep easier.
  • Makes us wiser.
  • Reduces stress.
  • Takes us on incredible adventures.

Adults who are veracious readers become excellent role models for the younger generation. Oh, the world we can savor flipping the pages of a physical book or swiping the screen of an e-reader.

How can we enjoy this month?
  1. Take the book club challenge. Get involved in a book club. Make friends and discover exciting discussions about fiction and nonfiction books.
  2. Consider forming a book club. Many authors will attend a local meeting or schedule a Zoom session when discussing their book.
  3. Make a list of movies that are book adaptions. Watch the movie and read the book. Compare the two art forms.
  4. Choose to read more. Balance fiction and nonfiction. Make a list of those authors and book titles that pique your interest.
  5. Join a public or church library. Take advantage of the services offered to your community.
  6. Read with your children or grandchildren. Establish a memory-making experience.
  7. Create bookmarks with your children or grandchildren.
  8. Plan a field trip to the library with your children or grandchildren.
  9. Is a friend or relative housebound? Invite the person to join in reading a book with you or one of their friends.
  10. Approach the world of reading with a different slant. Now may be the time to write your own book.

How do you plan to celebrate May – National Get Caught Reading Month?