Are You Cut Out to Write a Novel?

By DiAnn Mills @DiAnnMills

We’ve all wondered if we’re cut out to write a novel. We experience an unusual or exciting event and ask ourselves, “Could I write a story about this?” Sometimes we dwell on it for days, weeks, months, and even years, still asking ourselves the same question. Why not take a novelist writing quiz to see if you’re a potential novelist?

      1. I daydream about potential stories and how I could place them in an exciting plot. _______
      2. I crave an adventure through the reading of an extraordinary story. _______
      3. I observe people and how they’d interact in a story. _______
      4. I think about what kind of characters would fit into my story. _______
      5. I create settings that would challenge my characters. _______
      6. I imagine myself as a writer at a book signing. _______
      7. I read a story and rewrite sections or the ending. _______
      8. I write dialogue between characters when no one is watching. _______
      9. I recognize a good story on the first page _______
      10. I know I’m a little creative-quirky, and I like it. _______
      11. I labor over every writing task from emails to grocery lists. _______
      12. I edit every writing task from emails to grocery lists. _______
      13. I prefer working in solitude. _______
      14. I am disciplined and a self-starter. _______
      15. I can handle constructive critiques. _______
If you said yes to 7 or more of the above characteristics of a novelist, you are on your way to learning the great craft of story writing.

What is your score? Are you ready to develop a story?




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