7 Reasons We Love Stories

By DiAnn Mills @DiAnnMills

Thousands of stories are released each year. So many wonderful and amazing books, and we’ll never be able to read them all. But we try.

What’s the fascination for story? Why do we crave the next novel and the next?

Here are 7 reasons we love story.

  1. Entertainment is the number one reason we love story. When our work is done for the day, we can relax and lose ourselves within the pages of a highly-crafted novel.
  2. Story is a slice of real life. I dare say every plot has its origin in facts. Readers see truth in a non-threatening environment and an opportunity to explore values.
  3. Characters draw us into their setting. A well-written story explodes on the page with characters we adore. We relate to their wants and needs and how they interpret life. Our imaginations are challenged, and we become the character.
  4. Problems are solved within the story. The reader seeks ways to make their own life easier and more purposeful.
  5. Heroes and heroines travel on an impossible journey. They inspire us to be better people, attempt new things, and see a goal to completion.
  6. Healing takes place within the storyline. Subject matter that touches our personal pain addresses ways we can survive our past. By exploring behavior, we gain new insights.
  7. Satisfaction of engaging in a story from the beginning to the end provides a sense of accomplishment.

Why do you love story? Let’s share ideas.

DiAnn’s Library Corner

Library Tip: The celebration of story is a year-round event. While we encourage children to read by providing incentives and prizes, consider the same to entice adults to read.

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