Sneak Peak into LONG WALK HOME – Upcoming ebook Release

By DiAnn Mills @DiAnnMills

In today’s blog, I want to share about my upcoming June 4th ebook release LONG WALK HOME.

Long Walk Home is a snapshot of how three people from separate cultures faced the realities of life in southern Sudan. I shed many tears in the writing process, and I imagine you may too as you read it.

Here’s a brief video clip about LONG WALK HOME

Over a decade ago, I visited Juba, in southern Sudan, to research Long Walk Home, an updated and refreshed novel made available for today’s ebook readers. While I had dreams of encouraging the people in their struggle for freedom and commended their bravery in the face of oppression, something quite different happened. I fell in love with the Sudanese people. They impacted me, not the other way around.

Through interviews and listening to their stories, I sensed their incredible faith. We laughed, cried, and even faced danger. Their constant reliance on God challenged my faith.

I wanted good things for the Sudanese, but more importantly, I wanted them to experience the peace of waking up in the mornings without the threat of gunfire. I longed for their children to walk the roads of their homeland without fear.

My two-story home and double-car garage, my full pantry, health insurance, church, and freedoms I took for granted back home in the U.S.A. took on new meaning. I was convicted of my selfishness, and my spirit weighed what was essential to life. Did I understand “Jesus is enough” through the eyes of someone who’d lost his family in the fighting, limped without a leg, or lost loved ones to disease?

Illiteracy remains rampant there, and many are unable to read the Bible. Your purchase of the ebook will directly impact the people of South Sudan since I will be donating all royalties to Every Village, a 501(C)(3) Organization, to help distribute solar-powered, hand-held radios in local communities.

Every Village’s radio network reaches the masses with the gospel and community development teaching—broadcasting Bible stories, health & hygiene training, news, and educational programming in local languages. Learn more HERE.

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Additional information about LONG WALK HOME including a video clip, chapter excerpt, and discussion questions are available here on my website. I’ve also included some specific ways you can pray for the Sudanese.

Don’t forget the Sudanese. They need our prayers and support. Will you join me?




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