7 Things to Remember about the Approaching Holidays

By DiAnn Mills @DiAnnMills

The holidays are approaching like a jet on a mission—fast and filled with activities. Some of us love this time of year. The colors of gold, orange, and scarlet with a crisp feel of lower temps can be an emotional high—it is for me! The sweet scent and taste treats of apples, cinnamon, and pumpkin are sensory explosions. Close your eyes and listen to leaves crackling beneath your feet.

Fall is ushered in when the school calendar gets into full swing. I love the sound of a high school drum cadence and the whistles of referees during football games. Halloween adds to the mix with kids eager to find the best costumes and collect tons of candy. Thanksgiving is a special time with family and friends, to be thankful for all we’ve experienced during the past year. Christmas is an opportunity to celebrate Jesus’ birthday with get-togethers, carol sings, and moments of giving. By New Year’s Day, we hope to have the energy to survive the beginning of a new year.

With all the excitement ahead of us, let’s remember a few things to help us embrace the upcoming special moments.

  1. Holidays are in place for us to celebrate as we desire. If we choose to do nothing but rest or take a vacation, that’s perfectly fine.
  2. Holidays plus stress won’t add up to enjoyment. If preparing for an event fills you with regret, then tone it all down or seek assistance with the preparations.
  3. Holidays don’t mean breaking the budget. Diving into debt to ensure specific dates are met with over-the-top expectations isn’t a wise use of our money. Consider DIY decorations, food, and gift items.
  4. Holidays mean family and friend time. Those in need require special attention. Use these occasions to draw closer to each other and appreciate loving relationships. Our faith is vital every day of the year and not to be neglected because we’re tired or too busy.
  5. Holidays aren’t in place to lose sight of healthy eating and regular exercise. We need nutritionally fit bodies to keep up our energy.
  6. Holidays present many parties and events. We are not obligated to accept every invitation or participate in every activity.
  7. Holidays create memories. Make sure yours are good ones that all can look back on with smiles.

What tip can you share to help us appreciate the upcoming holidays?