2022 The Year of Optimism

By DiAnn Mills @DiAnnMills

I’m ready for this 2022 New Year to be wrapped in optimism. For that to happen, I must make a conscious decision (sometimes moment by moment) to declare joy in all things: ups, downs, and in-between times. It’s easy to write out that declaration, but to enlist optimism and joy, I need help—supernatural help and a commitment to overcome the junk life can send our way. Only God can set us on the right path and pick us up when we stumble. So how can we actively pursue a joy-filled year?

Declare every breath holy.

When we dedicate every breath to God and keep our focus on Him, it’s a whole lot easier to embrace joy. Stress, tension, and conflict will occur, but know we’re not alone.

Determine if there’s action to take when worry stalks us.

Bad news can depress us and make us anxious. We’re fearful. What will happen next?

According to Psychology Today, only 91% of our worries ever occur and of the ones that are real, most had better outcomes than anticipated. If we can act positively to prevent or stop something, then do it and give the rest to God.

Discover blessings.

Sometimes we take our daily blessings for granted. Perhaps designating a Blessings Bowl with a small notepad to record the goodness of the day can encourage us. Some people prefer keeping a journal. Whatever is used, record the good happenings to maintain a spirit of optimism.


Laugh. And do it often. If we need to schedule it on a calendar, then do so. Shake off the junk weighing us down. It’s medically and spiritually proven effectively.

Learn something new.

I’m a bit OCD about keeping my brain engaged, but here’s my philosophy: if we fail to learn something new daily, then our brains will stagnate and turn to mush.

Pray for people who criticize and seek to hurt us.

It’s very hard to dislike someone when we’re praying for them. I’ve done this, and the practice is a solid attitude-changer.

Spend time with God daily.

I prefer mornings, but others prefer evenings. Choose the best time of the day that fits your schedule and preference. When we spend quiet moments in Bible study and prayer, our attitude soars vertically.

Strive for a healthy body by supplying good nutrition and regular exercise.

Most of us ate a little too much of the holiday treats. Embrace each day with determination to eat more healthy and exercise daily. Start with baby steps and make sure to check with your doctor about any precautions.

Take time to rest.

God told the Israelites to rest on the seventh day because He understood we tend to think our worth is based on performance. We can’t complete our purpose if we’re too tired to focus. Whether we’re holding down a day job or working full time at home, we need to pace ourselves.

Treasure loved ones and friends.

Our lives are overflowing with busyness, and it’s easy to get caught up in a day-to-day routine that has no room to invest in others. When our lives are over, God won’t ask us about the things we’ve accomplished, but He will ask about the people we’ve impacted for His glory.

How do you plan to fill the year 2022 with optimism?