Is a Staycation for You?

By DiAnn Mills @DiAnnMills

It’s June, and most people are looking forward to a vacation. But is that on your summer calendar? For some, a staycation makes more sense.

Tension and stress war against our minds and bodies, making it critical to leave our work-related obligations behind. Becoming consumed day after day with fulfilling responsibilities is a vicious trap. We forget establishing boundaries between work and rest is essential for maximum body performance. Researchers claim we all need a break for sound mental and physical health, but obstacles often get in the way.

We may fall within one of these seven scenarios:

  1. A person who travels regularly and the idea of packing one more suitcase makes them ill.
  2. A person who has recently changed jobs and doesn’t qualify for a vacation or time off from work.
  3. A person who is a caretaker for a loved one.
  4. A person who is so exhausted that planning a vacation doesn’t have appeal.
  5. A person who isn’t in a financial position to invest in a vacation.
  6. A person who feels better when not in the midst of crowds.
  7. A person who is facing health issues.

If you checked off one or more of the above, a staycation may be in your best interest.

The purpose of dedicated time off is to rest and relax, to let our minds wander and dream, enjoy hobbies, and recall pleasant experiences that are seldom visited. This means we enlist much-needed time for ourselves, and coordinate short, close to home excursions that refresh us.

A staycation is a prescription for whatever weighs on our shoulders. But where do we begin? How long does it take to develop and organize? My suggestion is to think “simple” and don’t increase the stress factors to your life.

Your destination could be:

  • A hike
  • The zoo
  • Your backyard
  • A hobby
  • A museum
  • A nearby beach
  • A stroll through the park
  • A day free of electronics
  • On a grassy bank holding a fishing pole
  • Exploring local historical sites and attractions
  • Spending time with a treasured friend or family member

Need more ideas? Contact your Chamber of Commerce for areas of interest. Consider doing an internet search for ‘staycation ideas near me’.

Every great idea has the potential to draw us back into work mode. So here are a few reminders:

  • Plan. Plan. Plan.
  • If tempted to slip into familiar paths, leave the house behind.
  • While most options are free, some may cost money. If necessary, establish a budget.
  • A long weekend offers the opportunity to more fully relax.

Whatever you choose to relax you away this summer, search for what works best for you.

What ideas do you have?



DiAnn’s Library Corner

Library Tip: Do your patrons know the wonderful sites of your community? These areas could be the site of a memorable staycation.

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