Unsung Heroes – Bookstore Owners and Librarians

By DiAnn Mills @DiAnnMills

Last week, my husband and I flew to Colorado Springs to meet with bookstore owners and their staff in southeast Colorado, conduct events, and to meet with readers at two Kansas libraries. We were greeted by incredible people who are passionate about books and readers.

What do these words and places have in common?

  • Junction – La Junta, Colorado
  • Heroes – Pueblo, Colorado
  • Springs – Colorado Springs, Colorado
  • High Plains – Atwood, Kansas
  • Oasis – Colby, Kansas

Great people who love to read!

Bookstore owners and librarians give of their time and energy to readers because they care about people and meeting their needs.

The week in Colorado and Kansas humbled me. The kindness showed to me and my husband soared far beyond any professional relationship to new friends. My goal was to encourage and thank them for hosting me and carrying my books. Then I discovered the satisfaction of showing readers how a writer creates a novel and helping new writers by giving them tools for the craft far exceeded any of my expectations. In short, I received far more than I could have ever given.

Below are a few photos with the extraordinary people who provide reading material to customers and patrons.

Getting ready to meet patrons of The Lighthouse in La Junta, CO this morning. Ginny is owner and Mike Peterson with #Tyndale standing in front of the store’s flagship painting. Always #crazy4fiction

Just met the great team at The Greatest Gift in Pueblo, CO #thegreatestgiftstore Will be speaking shortly. #writerslife

Fun to meet Ellisa at #bncitadel in Colorado Springs

Fun to meet Kaitlyn Barnes & Noble @BNPueblo #DEEPEXTRACTIONBOOK

Shared some bookmarks and candy with Susan at #bnbriargate in the Springs

Met Kelly and Brian for the first time at #Mardel in Colorado Springs.

Monday of last week found me back in the Central time zone meeting the great people of Atwood, KS. Here I am with Pam and Linda who manage the local library. What a great treasure for the local community. #writerslife

Had a great time during lunch @PioneerMemorialLibrary celebrating #WritingLife and #NationalLibraryWeek

Greeting those in line for lunch at Pioneer Memorial Library in Colby, KS

Have you thanked a bookstore owner or librarian for their service?

DiAnn Mills



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DiAnn’s Library Corner

Librarian – You may never know how many people you influence. Keep up the good work!














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  1. Jann Butts

    Oy vey! I could smack myself for not going to the library sooner! It’s not far from my house, I just never went. Now I’m going every other week. (I took a pic with my phone of Deep Extraction on the shelf up at the front of the Baytown, Texas library. Now I have to figure out how to send it to you, DiAnn.)

    Every person who’s helped me has been gracious, personable, friendly. Library staff are quickly becoming some of my favoritest peoples!

    People who love books are awesome folks!!

  2. Lynn

    As a Christian Bookstore manager I can attest to the fact that we love our customers. It is very humbling and a huge honour to be able to point people to life giving books. We get to hear the heart cry of our customers and can direct them to the source of help they need.
    God has gifted authors with wisdom and a way to communicate it, whether it be through a Christian Living book, a Self Help book or through a work of fiction. There is nothing more satisfying than knowing you were able to put something of substance into the hands of a customer.

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