Sheltered in the Rock

By DiAnn Mills @DiAnnMills

Guest Post by Darlene L. Turner @DarleneLTurner

Badge positioned himself on an elevated rock, senses on high alert. He breathed in trying to catch a scent of anything threatening his kin. Since his second birthday, his mother said he had a responsibility to protect the others. His community housed eighty, and once the males reached a certain age, they were expected to keep watch.

This morning his mother nudged him out of their home. “It’s time to prove yourself, son.”

He shook as he climbed each rock until he had positioned himself. What if he failed? What if he let an intruder slip by?

Tribal songs snapped him out of his stupor, and he glanced at his friends playing in the distance. A pang of jealously hit him like a bee stinging its prey. He longed to join in on the chatter and bask in the sun.

He raised his head. No, he had responsibilities now. That life was over.

A shadow caught his attention and he erected himself higher. An eagle lurched itself in a nearby tree.

Danger! He needed to warn the others.

He stood on his hind legs and trilled with all his might. The high pitch sound silenced his community and within seconds they disappeared into the rocks. Their haven.

Once he knew the others were protected, he crept into his rock of refuge, danger averted.

Have you ever heard of a rock badger? They live in rock crevices and when there’s any sign of danger they slip back to their rock and hide. They live in communities of approximately eighty badgers, and the males keep watch over their families. They have at least twenty-one different vocal signals, including a high-pitched trill that alerts the others to predators.

I heard a pastor talk about the badger in one of his sermons and it got me thinking. What if we mimicked these animals and hid in our Rock? Ran to our Rock? We all know this world is full of threats. Terrorism, horrific storms, mass shootings, pandemics, etc. These prove we live in constant danger. We just never know.

What do we do to keep ourselves safe?


We put our trust in the only Rock that will save us. Jesus Christ. Our refuge and strength. Listen to the Holy Spirit for signs of danger. To tell us we’re going down the wrong path.

Who will trill for us so we can hide in our Rock? How about we help each other out? Pray for your family, friends, co-workers, and neighbors. This is the best way for us to keep each other safe.

We need to stay grounded in the Rock—the Word. It will equip us against our predators.

What if we hid in the Rock? We’d be protected—constantly.

Let’s learn from these creatures God made. Run and take shelter in the Rock!

What other ways can we keep each other safe? Do you have an experience where you sensed danger and you changed your course just in time?

Psalm 94:22 (NLT)

But the Lord is my fortress; my God is the mighty rock where I hide.

If you would like to learn more about the rock badger or see a picture, go to this site.


Darlene L. Turner’s love of suspense began when she read her first Nancy Drew book. She’s turned that passion into her writing and believes readers will be captured by her plots, inspired by her strong characters, and moved by her inspirational message.

Darlene won the Daphne du Maurier Award for Excellence in Mystery/Suspense twice and an ACFW Genesis award. She’s represented by Tamela Hancock Murray of the Steve Laube Agency. Her debut book, Border Breach, released in April, 2020 with Love Inspired Suspense. Abducted in Alaska releases March 2021.

Darlene met her husband Jeff at the turtle races in Ontario, Canada. She loves flavored coffee and plaid shirts. You can connect with Darlene at where there’s suspense beyond borders.

Thanks Darlene for showing us how God reveals Himself in nature!