In Pursuit of Tenacity

By DiAnn Mills @DiAnnMills

I was introduced to tenacity in middle school. We had a week of learning about tenacious people and how they were more than determined or stubborn, but persistent in their goals. The teacher designed the lessons to show the value of staying on task and shaking off negativity.

Now, I look around me at the number of those who give up on their dreams, abandon lifelong goals, and walk away from that which gave them purpose. The reason? Too hard. Costs too much. I’m young, and this “thing” is eating up my day-to-day life. Or I’m old, and this “thing” hasn’t happened yet, so why should I continue?

Some pursuits can be foolish, inappropriate, dangerous, and/or illegal. I’m referring to a purposeful endeavor that is good for us and the world. Tenacious people learn how to be tough mentally and emotionally.

What are 15 ways we can practice tenacity in our lives?

1. Define what tenacious means to you. Be specific according to your personality.

2. Pray for wisdom and guidance. Ask God if the dream or goal is a part of God’s plan for you.

3. Know the dream or goal. None of this “I think it’s . . . ”

4. Determine if the objective is beneficial to you and others.

5. Record the chronological steps needed to ensure success.

6. Check off what has been completed.

7. Choose a timeline of completion.

8. Eliminate those habits that push your dream or goal aside. That means getting rid of negative thinking.

9. Ask a trusted person to keep you accountable

10. Keep a journal of progress and include defeats.

11. Set aside time regularly to analyze the preparations made to this point. Make changes if necessary.

12. View the past as learning and growth.

13. Employ a positive attitude.

14. Encourage others with their dreams and goals.

15. Thank God for His provision and blessings.

When we realize that tenacity is missing in pursuing our dreams and goals, we can choose to step away or move forward. Which will you choose?