How to Rekindle the Passion for a Writing Project

By DiAnn Mills @DiAnnMills

Writers must have passion for their writing projects or no one else will. No getting around it. But what happens when we are no longer excited about our book, blog, article, poem, screenplay, or other types of writing? How do we overcome the lack of interest?

A few of life’s happenings can contribute to our disillusion.

  • Perhaps we’re under contract.
  • Perhaps we’ve been paid and must finish it.
  • Perhaps we’re under obligation for a myriad of reasons to complete the manuscript.
  • Perhaps it’s detrimental to our career to back out of a project.
  • Perhaps the project has been rejected, and a rewrite is essential.
  • Perhaps we’re a perfectionist.
  • Perhaps we’re jealous of other’s success and can’t seem to eliminate the negativity from our thoughts.
  • Perhaps life around us is out of control—family, friends, a day job, faith, health, and circumstances that take up our time.

How can we stoke the flames of creativity to have passion once again for our projects?

Here are 7 steps to help rekindle the passion for a writing project.

1. Pray for guidance in the quest to find excitement in our writing again.

2. List our positive writer qualities. Place them in a prominent place where we can review them daily.

3. Be determined to find the enthusiasm that once excited us about the manuscript. Accept the fire has died and choose to nurture our inspiration.

A. What originally enthused us about the project?

B. What are 3 things that we like about it?

C. What don’t we like about it?

4. Analyze what caused discouragement.

A. The idea needs more plot, information, research, or resources.

B. We learned about a similar writing project and changing ours is depressing.

C. We are on a deadline and finishing the project is overwhelming.

D. The writing needs improvement.

5.  Determine to make changes

A. Schedule time every day to work on the project.

B. Seek help if necessary.

C. Enlist an accountability partner.

6.  Take a break from the project. Walk away. Do something other than worry and stress about it.

A. Sometimes we become trapped in our own prison where self-doubts keep us chained.

B. Many times physical activity (sweat) breaks through to our inspiration.

C. Engage in a hobby or another creative outlet.

7.  Mentor a serious writer. When we put aside our own problems and concentrate on helping another, we are blessed.

Remember when we first fell in love? Every thought about the person filled us with joy. As months and years rolled by, we and our loved ones worked harder to keep the flames of love burning hot. The same is true about our writing.

How do you rekindle the passion for a writing project?