For the Love of a Pony

By DiAnn Mills @DiAnnMills

Recently I had a sweet conversation with a friend. When I asked about her pony, she told me the following story, and I wanted to share it with you.

I knew TC, my pony, was unhappy at the boarding barn—no buddies and not much room to play. I made an off-hand comment about the sad situation to my farrier in late July, adding that I was considering looking for a new home where TC would be happier. As luck would have it, my farrier had a client, a mother, who’d just lost a pony for her little girl. She was looking for another one. My farrier put us in touch, and we talked at length.

I just had such a great feeling about Samantha and her daughter Lilly Rae. After thinking and praying, I decided to give TC to them instead of selling him. About a week later, I put my sweet pony on a transport truck for his trip to Lake Charles, Louisiana.

Lilly Rae and TC are an absolute match made in heaven. I have no doubt God intended for the two of them to be together. This miniature horse absolutely adores this child–and she feels the same way about him! I believe he feels the sun rises and sets with her. Things I could never get him to do, he does eagerly for her. She has taught him to jump poles, play with big balls, wear a saddle for her to ride, and so much more. They took him to Lilly Rae’s school fall festival where he stood still for all of Lilly’s friends to brush him, braid his mane and tail, pick up his feet, and just generally climb all over him. He even rode in the van there and back!

Lilly Rae is such an amazing little girl. She just turned four years old, but she’s already quite a good little rider. She takes such great care of TC–keeping him clean, brushed, and happy.

The best decision I could make for TC was to give him to a little girl who needed him more than I did.

I hope this story touched you as much as it did me.

DiAnn Mills

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