The Truth about Novel Writing

By DiAnn Mills @DiAnnMills

Hey reader, ever wonder about becoming a writer?

Writers are survivors. If in doubt, take a look at what is needed to reach publication. It’s a little scary, but if a person has courage and determination, they can reach their goals.

If everyone on the planet was destined to be a writer, then everyone would be churning out one bestseller after another. How boring! How average!

So what do writers need to survive the front lines?

  1. Training. Every writer has a learning curve, time to explore the craft and apply technique to our manuscripts. The training never ends.
  2. Thirst. How badly does a writer want to create worthwhile nonfiction or fiction projects? Our thirst or passion for writing must be forefront or we fail.
  3. Time. For those who claim they don’t have time to write, perhaps they don’t have the guts to carve out extra minutes and hours to pursue their goals. A writer’s time is spent in training, writing, re-writing, branding through marketing / promotion, and social media. We all have time. It’s our choice on how we use it.
  4. Touchy comments. Family and friends often don’t understand our dream of reaching others with our manuscripts. We have a message, and our habits and commitments can meet ridicule and teasing. Ignore the naysayers. Who needs them?
  5. Turn down. Until our writing meets a publisher’s guidelines, we writers will face rejection. To reach our goals, we may sometimes need to take additional workshops and classes, hire a professional editor, or do a complete rewrite. A turn down today can mean a contract tomorrow.
  6. Trust. The Bible says that if God is for us, who can be against us? Trust in the One who purposed you to write. Believe in yourself and the God who gave you the gift.

Now that you’ve got a glimpse into all the work involved and conclude you’re still determined to become a writer, then welcome to the eccentric, bizarre, and entertaining world of writing.

Are you ready to be a writer?

DiAnn Mills

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