Creativity Heals the Heart

By DiAnn Mills @DiAnnMills

Congratulations to Amy from North Carolina in being randomly selected to receive copies of TRACE OF DOUBT for her book club as described in my recent blog post.

Physical or Emotional Stress + Creativity = Healing.

Creativity allows us to use our imaginations to develop something beautiful. The artistic expression draws on a mysterious side of us that we don’t fully understand. We have an idea for an object that is admired, useful, and meaningful. We take that idea and develop it into a tangible item.

Through creativity, we can inspire, appreciate, and help ourselves or others heal from physical or emotional pain and trauma.

The foundation of pain is stress—mental, physical, emotional, or a combination. A proven method to battle against stress is to engage in creative art expression. This allows us to experience a sense of satisfaction while we welcome the involvement in an activity we love. By focusing on creativity, our minds and bodies find peace. The expression may not replace counseling or anti-depressants, but it will calm you and help you restore confidence in your life.

When stress no longer battles the body, blood pressure lowers. A positive attitude replaces irritability. Dizziness flees. Headaches vanish. Depression and anxiety diminish. Strength and energy are restored. All are good reasons to embrace artistic expression into our daily routine.

The type of creative expression is not the same for every person, and we have a variety of options to choose from. I’ll list a few activities below in alphabetical order that have been proven therapeutic.


The list is endless, from sewing to refinishing furniture. If you are longing to spend hours in a craft, search for the one with the most appeal.


No need to be a professional to enjoy moving and swaying to music. The steps aren’t important, only the joy of feeling one with the rhythm.


When I need a break from the world-of-overwhelmed, I head to the flower beds. The act of pulling weeds, cutting back leggy growths, and planting new growth and colors does more for the soul than a sleep-in-Saturday.


Music soothes the soul. Close your eyes and relax to whatever style you prefer.

Painting or Sculpturing

The idea of picking up a paintbrush or dipping your hands in mud may not appeal to you, so choose what does. Doodle on a blank piece of paper or pick up a coloring book.


Enjoying photography doesn’t require professional ability or fancy equipment. Grab your phone and take a walk. Admiring unique lines, colors, and shadows helps us appreciate beauty outside ourselves.


Fashioning words on paper that reflect our dreams, thoughts, desires, heartache, trials, tragedies, and victories allow us to work through stress.

Don’t put off finding an artistic means to express your emotions. Begin now to find a creative way to heal and stay healthy.