Creating Vacation Memories

By DiAnn Mills @DiAnnMills

July is the biggest vacation month of the year. The beaches crowd with sun and water enthusiasts. Hikers pack Mountain Trails. Families pile into their vehicles for road trips. Travel agencies book one destination after another. And the list continues.

Staycations can be on our back porch, sipping iced-tea and listening to music, reading, or catching up with friends. Day trips work too when we want to return home in the evenings.

The key word is relax.

Over the years, I’ve traveled to areas of our country and overseas that settle in my heart as favorites. For you, the best vacation may be the setting. For others, the memory-maker may be the people who joined in the fun. I’m a mix of both.

Jerusalem Sunrise

Israel ranks as the most stirring journey of my life. As a Christian, walking the ground where people of the Bible lived, worked, and died boosted my spiritual life. The sights and sounds mirrored my faith. My husband and I made the trip with several people from our church. During this time we formed friendships and made lifelong friends.


Greece sails in at number 2 on my fav vacation list. We traveled with many of the same people as the Israel trip. We began in Athens and took the Apostle Paul’s second missionary trip – in reverse. Beautiful country and people. Loved the islands, especially Santorini.


Two trips to Ireland, and you can guess how I feel about this country. Dear people. Fabulous castles, museums, delightful people, and memorable historic sites.

A few years ago, my husband and I took a road trip late summer starting in Denver traveling counter-clockwise thru Nebraska, South Dakota, Wyoming, and on to Montana. We then dropped south back into Wyoming where we visited Yellowstone National Park and on to Jackson Hole plus a bit of Utah before driving back into Colorado. What a sightseeing vacation and one I wouldn’t mind repeating!

Falls River

But when I want to get away and relax, we return to a cabin along Falls River just outside of Estes Park, Colorado. We hike in the Rocky Mountain National Park, revisit familiar spots, and take tons of pictures. The wildlife and beauty of the Rockies is my go-to spot regardless of season.

What’s next? I really don’t know but I have my list! You may choose to travel during less busy months for cheaper rates and fewer crowds. We often do the same!

No matter how you spend your time away from work, take photos, videos, and journal so you can return time and time again to those memories.

What is your favorite vacation spot?

DiAnn Mills


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