Christmas Stories to Warm the Soul

By DiAnn Mills @DiAnnMills

Every year we read Christmas stories that warm our souls and sometimes in between. These tales are precious to many of us. They spark the Christmas spirit in big and small ways, and if you look closely, you can find Jesus in all of them with peace on earth, and goodwill to men.

This week I’d like to share traditional favorites and perhaps a few new titles.

The most important story is The Birth of Jesus

In Luke’s Gospel, we find the accounting of the birth of Jesus. Luke 2:1-20 is the centuries-old reminder of Jesus’ miraculous birth. I encourage you to read this beautiful, true story before opening gifts this Christmas. The birth and life of Jesus as Messiah is foretold in a thread from Genesis through Revelation.

The Christmas Carol

Charles Dickens published this timeless story in 1845 about Scrooge, the miserly (and miserable) man of London who experiences a remarkable transformation about himself and his views of others. This article covers ten things to know about Charles Dickens and the writing of The Christmas Carol.

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

Written by Robert L. May in 1939, we have learned to love the story of the shiny-nosed reindeer who led Santa’s reindeer on a dark night. We enjoyed the story, sang the song, and viewed the animated movie about this loveable Christmas character.

The Gift of the Magi

A sweet story of personal sacrifice in the name of love to purchase the perfect Christmas gift. Some say the characters were foolish; some say the characters were wise. Perhaps the reader chooses the best life lesson.

The Greatest Gift

Many of us have grown up treasuring this 1943 tale by Phillip Van Doren Stern about George Pratt, who discovers what it was like never to have been born. Sound familiar? The Oscar-winning It’s a Wonderful Life is a film adaptation of this heart-rendering story.

The Tailor of Gloucester

We all have enjoyed Beatrix Potter’s stories for children (adults, too).  Published in 1903, this book is about a tailor who experiences extreme hardship during a cold, bitter winter. Special mice lift his distress by helping him make Christmas a real celebration.

‘Twas the Night Before Christmas

This delightful poem by Clement Clarke Moore has entertained readers young and old since December 23, 1823. Many of us have memorized the stanzas and repeated them to children.

Comment below about your favorite Christmas story and be entered in two random giveaways for an e-copy of my historical novella A Texas Legacy Christmas and a second random giveaway of ten original short Christmas Stories. The deadline to comment is Saturday, December 3 at noon CST. I will announce the two winners in my blog post distributed on December 6th.

Many other memorable stories woven focusing on Christmas popped into my mind, and I’m sure you have a favorite, too.