Authenticity—A Crack or a Patch in Our Personal Character?

By DiAnn Mills @DiAnnMills

Are you authentic? Are you without a doubt genuine, reliable, trustworthy, and dependable? No cracks in your plaster? Known for your honesty? Faithful? Real? We’d all like to check the “yes” box for all those noble traits, but sometimes living up to authenticity isn’t easy.

Through experience, we acquire the characteristics that earn us respect and admiration. Some of life’s happenings threaten to beat us into the ground; others fill us with confidence. We need both to keep us humble and always striving to be better people.

Cracks in our plaster find healing in a desire and determination to change and patch the rough spots.

We can consciously work toward authenticity by practicing the following noble actions.

  1. Reach out to God daily for direction. His ways are far above our own agenda.
  2. Add value to other people’s lives by putting their needs above our own. Selfishness solves nothing but alienates us from those who could use our help or expertise. On our own, we digest a world-view that life is only about us.
  3. Practice kindness with no thought of return.
  4. Listen before speaking. How many times have we heard that we have two ears but one mouth?
  5. Open our hearts to friendship with those who aren’t like us.
  6. Value truth. Avoid gossip and self-serving declarations.
  7. Read in every category: news, nonfiction, fiction, poetry, articles, and blog posts. Be aware of what is going on around us.
  8. Love unconditionally without conditions or stipulations. This doesn’t mean we open the door to foolish decisions or abuse, but we choose love over hate.
  9. Respect the world God has created for us.
  10. Seek wisdom above all things.

Authenticity underscores a person’s contribution to the world. How do you practice being authentic?



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