Are You a Survivor?

By DiAnn Mills @DiAnnMills

A survivor is someone who has lived through a tragic event. Survivors aren’t only those who lived while others died; sometimes resurfacing after enduring physical, emotional, or spiritual turmoil also makes us a survivor.

Using the acronym for SURVIVOR, we can look at a few qualities needed to walk through fire and endure the heat.

S – Scripture

No matter the chaos, no matter the level of stress, turning to Scripture and prayer provides a battlefront to face the insurmountable. God has all the answers, but we must allow Him to lead the way.

U – Understanding

Analyze the situation that has us overwhelmed. If it’s physical, seek medical counsel. If it’s emotional, talk to a trusted friend or professional. If it’s spiritual, seek help from a respected pastor or Christian counselor.

R – Reliance on His Promises

When we commit to overcoming the worst scenarios, we must trust in God’s promises that He is before, behind, beside, and dwells within us. We aren’t facing anything in this world alone.

V – Victory

Survivors never take their eyes off achieving victory. Meet large and small steps with gratitude and self-confidence. Once we reach a victory, we can march toward the next one.

I – Insight

Those who gain insight when challenged can reach deep for wisdom of what is going on around them. This helps not only in the present dilemma but also in future problems.

V – Value Our Experiences

Whatever we experience adds value and wisdom to our lives. God has directed people and events to shape and mold us into His people. Whatever we learn in our struggles is a concept to share with others so they can value their own experiences.

O – Obedience

Obedience comes in many forms: to God, to those in authority, and to those we respect. Survival often means adherence to the instructions of people who have the correct answers—even when we don’t agree.

R – Resilience

The resilience of character means strength for the person who remains steadfast when threats and challenges attempt to shove aside our beliefs and principles.

Are you ready to add SURVIVOR to your life’s résumé? What other traits would you recommend?