7 Ways to Give a Gift of the Heart

By DiAnn Mills @DiAnnMills

Christmas is a time of love and giving. We want our loved ones to have the perfect gift that they will remember and treasure. Unfortunately, we don’t always have the money needed to purchase what we think is the best item. But there are ways we can offer a token of our heart. Remember to practice social distancing and wear a mask 🙂

  1. The gift of prayer. This is the gift that blesses the giver and the receiver. When we pray, God listens.
  2. The gift of service. We all have chores we despise. Is your most detestable task one you could perform for another person? Whether it’s laundry, yard work, planting flowers, taking out trash, raking leaves, washing dishes, mucking a horse stall, or providing clean windows, the recipient will appreciate your effort.
  3. The gift of art. Many of us are talented in one or more of the arts. Whether it’s a dance, video, an aspect of music, painting, sculpture, or photography, art enhances the mind.
  4. The gift of culinary expertise. Many find cooking or baking a drudgery. But for those who enjoy food preparation, it’s a true joy for others to receive. Prepare a meal for the person or persons on your list. Watch their eyes light up and listen to their stomachs growl.
  5. The gift of creativity. While writing is definitely an art, I wanted to point out the sentimental value of a poem, short story, article, a fiction or a nonfiction piece.
  6. The gift of time. It’s been said time is priceless, and the quote is true. One-on-one via an in-person visit or a phone/Zoom chat causes others to feel cherished, loved, and important. Shut-ins and those ill aren’t the only people who value a special slice of our time.
  7. The gift of hope. Does anyone on your list need encouragement, faith in God, self-confidence, or an expectation for the future? Hope is another priceless gift given as a personal touch tied with a huge bow of love.

What is another way to give a Christmas gift of the heart?