3 Lessons Learned from a Road Trip

By DiAnn Mills @DiAnnMills

A few weeks ago, my husband announced we should take a road trip … and he wanted to leave in three days. We aren’t spontaneous, but obviously that trait played no factor in our enthusiasm. Perhaps it was the country moving slowly away from strict guidelines for COVID 19 that spurred our trip What I do know is the decision ranked at the top of my memory maker list, and this is what I learned.

Relaxation requires tossing the clock

We left early on a Saturday morning and drove eight hours across Texas to Lubbock, our first destination. Along the way, we admired nature and took the time to click photos and videos. The next morning, we drove on to Colorado Springs. The countryside transformed into rolling, scenic beauty. In the distance, mountains rose with an incredible lure.  We snapped more pics and awed at wildflowers and cloudless blue skies. Soon I forgot about work.

Relaxation is good for the body and soul

We drove onto Estes Park and the Rocky Mountain National Park, an area of our country that we’ve visited many times as a favorite. Some people long for the beach and the rhythmic sound of waves crashing on the shore. But I’m a mountain lover, and gushing mountain streams remind me of laughing water. I love hiking as though I’m closer to God. I’m sure He chuckled when husband and I slipped on the packed ice and snow as we journeyed past Bear, Nymph & Dream Lakes to the highest Emerald Lake, where the water remained mostly ice-covered. Any sore muscles vanished after a good night’s rest and waking up to an extraordinary new day.

Graceful deer, stately elk, scampering chipmunks, busy beavers, longhorn sheep, and an array of birds became a sweet reminder of how God created the world for us to benefit from its splendor. I’ve always looked for a bear, but I’ve never seen one. Perhaps it’s wiser to spot the furry creature from inside the car instead of a face-to-face while hiking since the bear might still be hungry after winter’s hibernation.

A few days later, we waved goodbye to the Rockies and drove back to Colorado Springs. We spent hours in the Garden of Gods. A paved walking trail wove around red cliff formations that reached up to a cloudless sky. The following day we drove on to Santa Fe, a favorite southwest location. Small towns, blooming deserts, and more wildlife caused us to pull off the road repeatedly to breathe in the area’s beauty and capture special moments in photos and videos.

Relaxation makes for positive memories

We embarked upon driving and walking tours during an incredible relaxing 9-day road trip. We expected a few inconveniences due to COVID 19. But nothing prohibited us from stepping into nature, adding photo after photo to our cameras, and experiencing total relaxation.

When’s the last time you took a road trip?