What Does the Rhythm of Life Mean to You?

By DiAnn Mills @DiAnnMills

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I’ve read many definitions of what the rhythm of life means. For some, it’s how we handle the ebb and flow of our life’s journey, the method of handling triumphs and tragedies. Another definition focuses on how we approach our purpose, victories, and challenges. Some term it as an individual pattern based on our lifestyles, faith, culture, likes, dislikes, health, education, emotions, monetary possessions, aesthetic appreciation, and the list goes on. Every definition expands on how we move through the journey of life.

The rhythms of life are ever-changing. We experience the mountain peaks and valleys, joys and sorrows, victories and defeats and choose how those happenings affect us. Unrest always seems to follow high points, as though we don’t deserve to be happy.

Fears challenge our courage and stamina. Do we embrace life’s rhythm or do we give up and use a metronome to dictate every step?

If our rhythms are always the same, how will we learn to walk through the next fire or accept the next reward? How can we claim a satisfying life without experiencing all that can be encountered?

Your rhythm and mine are unique. We set a pace to the cadence of our heart and either crawl, walk, or march forward.

How can we face the ever-changing rhythms of life with faith and optimism?

  • Practice prayer—our best defense against the struggles we will face.
  • Listen to music—the sounds calm our bodies, minds, and spirits.
  • Meditate on Scripture for wisdom and guidance.
  • Read poetry.
  • Journey through nature.
  • Exercise to relieve stress.
  • Engage in a hobby.
  • Spend a few days away from home to recharge.
  • Turn off social media.
  • Give of yourself.

Whatever soothes us and offers tranquility is where our rhythms are in sync with God’s best for us at that time. How do you define your life’s rhythm?