20 Reasons to Read Fiction

By DiAnn Mills @DiAnnMills

Has anyone ever said to you that reading fiction is a waste of time, money, and brain matter? That’s hogwash! Yes, I’m passionate about fiction, and here’s why!

  1. To enjoy an entertaining adventure for readers.
  1. To learn about the world and people in an unthreatening environment.
  1. To be encouraged in our own lives by characters overcoming adversity.
  1. To focus our minds on something other than ourselves.
  1. To stimulate our mental capacity.
  1. To gain new insights from others’ beliefs different from our own.
  1. To explore creativity.
  1. To enhance our imagination. As we grow from children to adults, our imagination dwindles to accommodate the reality of what our parents, caregivers, and teachers prefer.
  1. To understand others and their personalities.
  1. To develop relational and social skills.
  1. To improve memory.
  1. To sleep better. Although if the book is horror, I might change my mind!
  1. To discover different genres and establish a reading preference.
  1. To increase our vocabulary.
  1. To be inspired to try something new in our lives.
  1. To shape our minds for a willingness to learn and ask questions.
  1. To force us to slow down from our hectic life and relieve stress.
  1. To broaden our topics in conversation.
  1. To strengthen our thinking skills.
  1. To enjoy the adventure of a well-written story.

Why do you read fiction?