15 Ways to Perk Up a Mood

By DiAnn Mills @DiAnnMills

It’s summer, the season for vacations, picnics, backyard barbecues, swimming, and whatever else we can do when the weather’s warm. Yet, sometimes we slip into a funky mood and need something to give us a perk.

Here are 15 ways we can brighten our day and improve our mental health.

  1. Outside
    Get out of the house and step into pleasant weather. Because I work at home, relaxing inside is difficult, but fresh air invigorates me. A walk soothes the soul. Love nature? Enjoy it and snap a few pics along the way. If you live in a high heat area, this mood relaxer may work better in the early mornings.
  2. Music
    One of the sweetest gifts we can give ourselves is music. Listen to your choice of whatever makes you smile. Dance and sway. Sing along.
  3. Prayer
    This item should be #1. Stay connected with God. Telling Him our problems (He knows anyway), and letting Him speak to our soul is an everyday essential.
  4. Cook
    We can try a new recipe, but if we already have a bad attitude and the recipe isn’t good … Perhaps a baked item or dish we know is special is a better choice.
  5. Gardening
    Digging my fingers into the dirt helps me pull the weeds from my life and plant harmony with the junk nipping at my heels.
  6. Add Cheer to Someone’s Day
    Although we know life is not about us, a reminder now and then makes us feel good about ourselves. Tell someone you care, deliver flowers or food, send an e-card, make a phone call, or simply smile at a stranger.
  7. Friends
    When we flee our own ho-hum lives and spend time with our friends, we soon forget what brought us down in the first place.
  8. Exercise
    Raising my heart rate is one of my favorite ways to work off whatever is ailing me. Seems like the sweat drips bad attitude, and I breathe in a good one.
  9. Nap
    Lack of sleep can crater our moods. My vote is to stretch out on our bed or fav comfy spot and close our eyes. Dream on.
  10. Reach Out to Our Best Friend
    Confession is good for the soul, and sometimes talking about the irritating “thing” that’s stalking us snaps us back into a more congenial person. Even when our best friend tells us something we don’t want to hear.
  11. Plan a Perfect Vacation
    Now is the time to click through the travel magazines, movie channel, and YouTube. Where is the best vacation spot on the planet? Organize it. Schedule it. And do it.
  12. Steal Away Hours in a Hobby
    We all have a particular time-stealer that calls our name. What is it? The hobby doesn’t have to mean anything to anyone but us. Maybe a new interest is in the future, like painting, sketching or ceramics.
  13. Watch a Funny Movie
    Laughter is the best medicine. So tickle your funny bone and enjoy a great belly laugh.
  14. Read
    I inhale words. These treasured jewels form poetry, stories, quotes, nonfiction, biographies, and the list goes on. When we lose ourselves in the written word, our brain and emotions relax.
  15. Write
    Of course, I couldn’t finish this list of amazing perks without including my most treasured pastime. We can journal, create a poem, and even write outside of our genre.

It’s your turn. Share how you perk up your mood as the world is busy with summer activities?