10 Ways to Make Sure Your Thanksgiving is a Blessing

By DiAnn Mills @DiAnnMills

Thanksgiving is the holiday intended for us to give thanks for God’s many blessings. Through traditional feasts of turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie, and family favorites, we celebrate the past year with loved ones. While the intent is to think outside ourselves, 2017 may have been a tough year for you. Let me encourage you to rise above the circumstances and create an atmosphere of love and thankfulness.

If you are reading this with a sigh, the following will help you take a different look at Thanksgiving and possibly invite a new and different way to experience a holiday that touches your heart. May the treasured memories begin.

  1. Believe in the power of love. I know some of our guests can try our patience, but if we choose love, the road less traveled, we will be blessed. Who knows? Our display of sincere love may cause a positive change.
  2. Choose joy. We’ve seen this cliché often, but have we taken the time to experience true happiness over being alive to serve a God who loves us unconditionally?
  3. Keep the Thanksgiving meal simple. The menu never dictates the occasion. If you want to serve hamburgers on the grill with corn-on-the-cob, then enjoy the all-American food.
  4. Play music during the preparations. Music soothes the spirit and calms us. Dance in time to peeling potatoes or sing along with stuffing the turkey. It’s therapeutic.
  5. Take time for everyone during the meal to express what they are thankful for. This can be sweet dinner conversation for young and old.
  6. Don’t eat Thanksgiving dinner alone. If this season of your life means a holiday alone, invite a friend to share the meal or volunteer to serve the less fortunate.
  7. Ask guests to share their most sought-after recipe. Imagine the fun of exchanging food secrets with others.
  8. Set the table with your best. And if your best, is paper plates and disposable forks, knives, and spoons—go for it.
  9. Explore Pinterest for decorating, serving, and food ideas. https://www.pinterest.com/ – then look at all the boards available to make your holiday the best ever.
  10. Pray God blesses your preparations and all those attending your Thanksgiving.

My friends, may you shove aside the stresses of the world and be blessed this Thanksgiving.

What tip can you share with us?

DiAnn Mills

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