Movie Magic by DiAnn Mills

Writers are always looking for ways to deepen their craft. Movies offer an opportunity to see a story line in action. We view the characters, observe the setting, hear the dialogue, and analyze the plot twists. This often provides new insight into our own stories. Close your eyes and imagine your story as a movie. Would viewers be interested?

The next time you plan to watch a movie, jot down the answers to the following prompts. This exercise will not only help deepen your skills as a writer, but it will also provide a fresh appreciation of the writer, directors, and producers of the film.

  1. Are you pleased with the title?
  2. Describe the protagonist(s).
  3. Describe the antagonist. Is the character a villain or simply a badly behaved person?
  4. Describe the setting?
  5. What is the genre?
  6. What is the story disturbance?
  7. What is the story problem?
  8. What makes the story problem worse?
  9. What makes the story problem even more worse?
  10. Where are your sympathies?
  11. Is there deceit? Describe.
  12. Does the plot have unusual twists? Describe.
  13. Is there innocence? Describe.
  14. Is there selfishness? Describe.
  15. What is the climax or black moment?
  16. Were you pleased with the ending?
  17. Rewrite the ending.