Women Who have Influenced Our Lives

By DiAnn Mills @DiAnnMills

This Sunday, May 9, is Mother’s Day. This is the one day a year we honor the women who have loved, encouraged, influenced, shared wisdom, and challenged us mentally, physically, and spiritually. These women can be quiet or out-spoken, short or tall, reflective or extremely funny, young or old, and live near us or far away. But they all share one beautiful trait: they loved us.

Consider the traits of those women who have modeled admirable qualities, and because of them, we are stronger and better equipped to journey life’s path.

These women demonstrated strength in the middle of adversity. They convinced us we could do anything God called us to do. Whether the situation called for courage to stand or courage to flee, they prepared us. Their reflections on our lives give us a boost of power.

We studied the lives of those women who beat the odds and did great things, whether anyone ever saw their actions or those deeds were kept secret. I treasure memories of a special woman who never told others how she’d blessed them.

Many women in our lives practiced unconditional love. Their deep-rooted affection didn’t have stipulations; it simply was. Love doesn’t judge, draw lines, or is based on race, culture, or beliefs. A dear friend always lets me know I’m loved. She has a listening ear, even if the problem is my own fault.

Special women lived their faith and demonstrated how to stand strong when the rest of the world mocked God. They modeled how to pray and hold tight to our biblical beliefs. Two dear aunts who passed years ago inspired me to live a bold faith.

Some of the women in our lives were blessed with wit and made us laugh. No matter how sad a situation, they lifted their chins and found the words to express appropriate humor. This is my sister. When I need to see the world outside myself, I talk to her and she always makes me forget my troubles. Perhaps you are thinking of a dear woman in your life who always brought a smile to your lips.

Other mothers possessed the gift of wisdom and shared their insights. From these women, we found a desire to strive to learn something new every day. They instilled in us that when we stopped learning, we ceased to breathe. A writing friend is blunt with knowledge and wisdom, and I treasure her honesty.

What about the women in your life who shared their gifts to mold and influence who you are today? Can you share with us something about one of them?