What is Your Sacred Adventure?

By DiAnn Mills @DiAnnMills

We all are on a sacred adventure called life. From the day we are born until God calls us home, we are given special interests that define our purpose and mold our personalities.

We all have unique gifts and talents that thrill us, things we love to invest our time in, effort, and often money. The list is endless from those skills needed that pay the bills to those things that fill our free time. Whatever your strength, it’s sacred to you.

As a writer, I’m no different than you. Just as you push aside the outside world to dive into your gifts and talents, so do I.

I treasure all the components of writing and the publishing world: learning, editing, listening, observing, attending conferences, teaching enthusiastic writers, trying new techniques, accepting the challenge of social media and managing time. How amazing to wake each new day and look forward to what it presents. Satisfaction fuels me to try harder, be a better writer, entertain readers with an unusual and memorable story. My life focuses on Expect an Adventure.

I wish the same contentment, gratification, and pride for you.

Some of you are fortunate to use your gifts or talents everyday. Some of you have to carve out time. Some of you are multi-talented and have much to share with the world.

What is your sacred adventure? Will you tell us about it?

DiAnn’s Library Corner


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