What I Learned About Life While Pulling Weeds!

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Every week I pull weeds from the front and back flower beds of my home. If I miss a week, the weeds quadruple.


Weeds can ruin our flower beds and our lives.

No getting around it. The job has to be done. I love being outside, even in Houston’s heat. The problem is the never ending, drudgery of getting rid of the junk that mars the landscape and can ultimately take over what could be beautiful.


Weeds spring up unless we’re willing to take the necessary steps to rid them from our flower beds and our lives.


It’s amazing how weeds and flowers are a part of our lives.

  1. Wear leather gloves. I went through a bazillion pairs of gloves until I paid the dollars for leather. Now my hands don’t suffer. Like life, we need a protective coating on our hearts. That means practiced faith. So when the thorns threaten to pierce our hearts, we have protection to withstand the worst of what life can toss us.
  2. Weeds have to be pulled out by the roots. When I want to get rid of a bad situation, I have to evaluate my thinking and habits. Sometimes that means declining a request or a task, deciding to make a life change, or taking a long list of how I’m doing life. More often than not, it means step away or even run!

    Now if life could be as perfect as a yellow rose.

  3. Water frequently. When it rains, the weeds seem to sprout while I’m watching them! But without water, flowers wither and die. In our lives, we are to be a part of our community and world, while not allowing garbage to poison our hearts and minds. Too much of a good thing (overwatering) encourages laziness, selfishness, and greed.
  4. Fertilizer is supposed to prohibit weed growth, but don’t buy the cheap stuff or you’ll be disappointed. Take the time to invest in whatever you endeavor. Learn and grow then do all things well.
  5. Be consistent. When I return from an out of town trip, my first stop is the flower beds. I know they’ll be a mess. Like life, when we stop taking care of ourselves physically, mentally, and spiritually, we stagnate and invite unhealthy life patterns.


Pulling weeds can be boring, or we can look at keeping the bad stuff out of our lives and inviting the good stuff in.
What about you? How do you ensure peace and growth in your life?





Latest From DiAnn’s Desk – What I Learned About Life While Pulling Weeds! via @DiAnnMills http://bit.ly/1NWBdHv #WritersLife (Click to Tweet)

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