National Elephant Appreciation Day

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Elephants deserve a day of their own. After all, they’re the largest land animals, tipping the scales at tons and not just pounds. They are also known for their intelligence.

I admire elephants at the zoo, but when I experienced their magnificence in Africa, I developed a respect and awe.

The most unusual characteristic is its trunk, part of the animal’s upper lip and approximately seven feet long with multi-functions. The animal’s nasal passages are at the ends. It draws in about two gallons of water then blows the contents into its mouth. To keep cool, they blow water and dirt onto their backs.



They also use their trunks to show affection by wrapping those trunks together, lifting and picking up objects, and to breathe when underwater. Sorta like a snorkel.

elephants hug



The elephant’s ears are a fascinating part of its anatomy. One of the functions is to cool the body temperature. Discoveries show the elephant ear has infrasound capabilities allowing them to communicate over long distances.


Michael Mountain wrote, “Among elephants, leadership is established not by dominance, as in many other kinds of animals, including humans, but by the respect gained in showing intelligence and solving problems.” -See more on this page:

elephant herd

Not sure I’m ready for an elephant as a pet … when they consume around 300 pounds of food daily—strictly vegetarian, of course. They can live from 50 to 70 years, so an owner can grow old with this animal. Our country has an elephant sanctuary in Hohenwald, Tennessee where older and sick elephants can be taken care of. The website is filled with valuable information – and pictures – even a live-streaming “Elecam”. See here.

While in Kenya, I took a few photos. I loved the tender moment of mama and baby elephant.



This big guy charged our safari jeep.IMG_0248 ed

The threat to elephants still lingers as hunters seek ivory. Conservation measures are helping to preserve and protect while laws are in force to stop the poaching and destruction. The World Wild Life Fund is a wealth of information for those who are interested in the many facts about Asian and African elephants. Another informative site is the African Wildlife Foundation.


We’ve all heard elephants never forget, and I’ve read the pros and cons. My suggestion is to grab a bag of peanuts and make friends with one of these huge animals. I believe you’ll have a friend for life.

How will you be celebrating National Elephant Appreciation Day?




Tweetable – Latest From DiAnn’s Desk – National Elephant Appreciation Day via @DiAnnMills #WritersLife (Click to Tweet)

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