What Does Courage Really Mean?

By DiAnn Mills @DiAnnMills

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What Does Courage Really Mean?

For 2021, I prayerfully chose the word Courage. This means, I will attempt to face every physical, mental, and spiritual aspect of my life with this word leading my actions. Some experiences will set the stage for thrilling adventures, while others may hit the target as a challenge. Both are opportunities for personal growth. While my intentions sound strong, even noble, the valleys could depress me and make each step forward way too hard. The reality of courage’s definition led me to make a few observations.

So what does courage mean according to the dictionary?

Dictionaries define courage as the ability to do something difficult or fearful. Yet, each one of us has a unique perspective on how to apply it to our life.

Upon further research, I found that courage for me uses the following criteria. Making this list helped me see what skills or abilities I need to acquire:


  • A behavior necessary in the heat of a physical battle.
  • A means of stepping forward to accomplish a feat when others cower in fear. Making a life decision, studying spiritual principles, embarking upon life changes that others may view foolish, and more.

For the above, I need physical, mental, and spiritual courage every step of the way.


  • Fitness and nutrition employ courage to maintain the discipline of a healthy body.
  • Mental alertness to master learning.
  • Powerful goals and habits aren’t for the weak-hearted. Supporting a friend may take varying forms of strength.

To equate strength with courage means more than an action, but a state of mind and the willingness to grasp strength through courage.


  • Occurs when a person shakes off fear, ridicule, and expresses willingness to proceed beyond normal abilities with an air of confidence   .
  • Accepting risks to reach a worthy goal.
  • Showy or distinct individuals are described as bold, but the stellar qualities require a selfless heart.

The act of courage often requires bold actions.


  • Inner traits needed to perform acts of valor.
  • Determination to act unselfishly for the good of others.
  • Resolve to sacrifice whatever is necessary to protect and/or save others from peril.

Heroism always takes courage, not to act foolishly but with courage that is physical, mental, and often spiritual.

I could continue to list other words to describe what courage means to me, but these 4 topped my list. What about you? What does courage mean to you?