What Do Plants and People have in Common?

By DiAnn Mills @DiAnnMills

Spring is the time of year when many people connect with plants. The temperatures are warmer; the earth is thawing, and the color green offers hope. Nurturing and coaxing tender shoots is a lot like nurturing and coaxing people to fulfill their God-given purpose and offer their gifts to a hurting world.

We can’t force plants or people to grow; we can only do our best to encourage them. Some people reach their potential, and others choose not to rise above their misery. Our role is to point them to the way of life.

We have lots of similarities with plants. Here are 5 varieties:

  1. Survivors: Some people are resilient to whatever is tossed their way. They can withstand heat, cold, drought, and heavy rains. These people are firmly rooted in God’s provision.
  2. Sincere: We’ve all met people who strive to be strong. Sometimes they are successful and courageous when the high winds of life threaten to destroy them. These people may crumble for a while, but they can eventually dig deep and reach up to the Son to find their strength.
  3. Solitary: A few people put up a good fight. They tighten their resolve not to be overcome by the world, but they choose to rely on their initiative. We hope they learn to choose the right soil and seek to receive nourishment from His word.
  4. Shattered: Unfortunately, some people give up on life when pressures in and around them are too great to bear. They ignore those who want to help or show them an easier way.
  5. Seedlings: These people examine their behavior to evaluate previous choices and methods of living life. They find the courage to yank out the past and start all over. Many times, this variety yields the most good.

When I reflect on the above, I confess I’ve fit into every variety. The world’s fickle temperatures can force growth and change. We respond and are either victorious or give in to misery. What we learn, believe, and practice shows who we are.

Have you considered the similarities between plants and people? While reading this post, did you recognize yourself in this season of life?